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Beijú Foods is a Canadian company proudly founded in BC by Brazilian immigrants to honor their roots and promote the best of Brazil’s creative and flavourful food culture. 


Beijú Foods is focused on indigenous culinary traditions, native crops, and its fusion with African and European cuisine during Brazil’s colonization.


Above all, our mission is to bring new, healthy and sustainable food alternatives to your daily life so you can enjoy a healthier diet with exotic ethnic flavours


Beijú Foods main core values are Quality, Sustainability, and Community.


We source our products from carefully chosen premium suppliers, who work at fair ethical conditions that are sustainable for the community and the planet. 


High quality and sustainability also mean health - our products are gluten-free, non-GMO and minimally processed to avoid the use of artificial ingredients and preservatives.

We believe in a more respectful and holistic connection between individuals, communities, cultures and nature. 

Jimmy and Noah Stambowsky (@coho)

Hello ! I’m Jimmy Stambowsky, father of Noah, and today leading Beiju Foods through this amazing transformation. My goal with Beiju Foods is to make Brazilian food part of the amazing cultural mix that builds up Canada. We are going to do it in a Vancouverite way wth the Brazilian twist, which makes all the difference ! 

Without forgetting our roots and traditions, respecting the hard work and knowledge brought here since the natives of the amazon up to our founder, Luciano Monteiro. Will look towards the future with innovative products, tastes and textures. 


I invite you to participate with us and add your own mix to our culture. Thanks for everything achieved so far and anxious for all that lies ahead of us !  


Cheers, Jimmy

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