Beijú Foods is a Canadian company proudly founded in BC by Brazilian immigrants to honor their roots and promote the best of Brazil’s creative and flavourful food culture. 


Beijú Foods is focused on indigenous culinary traditions, native crops, and its fusion with African and European cuisine during Brazil’s colonization.


Above all, we are passionate about ancestral cultures that are simplistically rich, and that can show us how to live harmoniously with our ecosystems, and to adapt to challenging situations. Our mission is to bring new, healthy and sustainable food alternatives to your daily life so you can enjoy a healthier diet with exotic ethnic flavours


Beijú Foods main core values are Quality, Sustainability, and Community.


We source our products from carefully chosen premium suppliers, who work at fair ethical conditions that are sustainable for the community and the planet. 


High quality and sustainability also mean health - our products are gluten-free, non-GMO and minimally processed to avoid the use of artificial ingredients and preservatives. Also, we invest in the latest packaging technology to keep our products fresh and 100% natural.


We believe in a more respectful and holistic connection between individuals, communities, cultures and nature.