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Cassava Crunch
biscoito de polvilho

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Did you know that our Cassava Crunch is completely gluten free? These locally made crunchy beauties taste like an indulgent treat, but are actually incredibly healthy and great for all ages, day and night! It comes in a variety of tasty flavours all baked in small batches, that will satisfy even the pickiest taste buds.


Cassava (Manihot esculenta) is a shrub or bush original to Brazil. It was used for thousands of years as one of the main sources of energy for the Indigenous population of the Americas. From the Amazon to Rio de Janeiro, these crunchy popcorn sized snacks are a staple in every Brazilian home, and now in Canada too! 

Flavours: Cheese, Grains, Spices and House Mix ( all 3 flavours mixed! )


Ingredient List: Beiju’s Cassava Sour Starch, water, 2% milk, Canola oil, eggs and salt.