Beijú Foods brings you a premium gluten-free flour mix that is 100% made out of cassava, a.k.a. manioc. It easily replaces wheat based flours. Beijú’s Cassava Bread Mix is the perfect gluten-free flour mix for the famous BRAZILIAN CHEESE BREAD!

Cheese Bread is a traditional and delicious Brazilian recipe from the 18th century. Back then, wheat flour was hard to get, expensive and of bad quality; the solution was to adapt recipes using the indigenous cassava flours broadly available in Brazil. The well known love for cheese cultivated in the state of Minas Gerais did the rest of the work, and so was born this widely appreciated bread.

Our Cassava Bread Mix combines different types of cassava flours and starches to give your bread the perfect texture and rise, allowing it to be light, softly chewy inside with a crispy crust.

Cassava Bread Mix is a versatile product; you can use it to make pancakes, waffles, vegan breads and many other recipes. Be creative!

Cassava Bread Mix (800g)

    • Keep refrigerated after open
    • Can be frozen
    • It doesn't have cheese


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